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Over $465,000 Given to Local Nonprofits Since 2016

Our Award Recipients couldn't be more thankful but the real impact comes from hearing how lives are changed by our collective donations. Scroll down for some testimonials (and maybe grab a tissue).

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"When I first joined CORRAL I did not want to be there. I had bad grades, a terrible time with relationships, I was in an unsafe environment at school, severe and chronic depression and joining a group of teenage girls was one of my worst nightmares. I was a part of the group therapy on the farm for a year and then I joined the riding academy. Even though I didn’t want to be there Ms. Camille told me to just give it a chance. I respected everyone there because it wasn’t their fault that I was in this mess. My parents began telling me how much better I was doing because of CORRAL and I didn’t believe them for a very long time. I went from horse to horse and I felt lucky if I could get one of them to walk with me.

I have undergone many changes in CORRAL. Do not imagine these transformations happened instantaneously because my progress at CORRAL took a long time and that farm is a sanctuary where I acquired tools to grow. For instance, Bentley helped me to recognize and conquer fear, Ruffie revealed my firm and gentle hand, Giselle showed me how to properly direct a bigger personality, and River continued my lesson on patience and perseverance as well as pointing me to the finish line. Both River and the staff directed me towards the finish lines when I felt dizzy about the future. They helped me focus and look at the bigger picture…. One containing hope."

- Corral Riding Academy Horse Therapy Participant


US Veteran's Corp
Q2'17 Award Recipient

Because of you and your generous donation, we have been able to LITERALLY keep our doors open so we could give away 3 more houses to combat wounded soldiers, give over 10,000 lbs of supplies out to Hurricane Florence & Hurricane Michael victims, supply over 20,000 lbs of food to more than 12 military bases, and provide 3 military service funeral honors for those who have served our country.


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